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Considered to be the heart of the home, kitchen is the primary area where people seek value in a remodel. Kitchen is generally the first destination on the buyer’s agenda when they are walking through a prospective home. Because this is where family members spend a great deal of time.

When doing a kitchen renovation, the most apparent and easiest upgrades are for countertops. As it is the foundation of kitchen décor and bears the burden of setting the feel and tone of the space. In today’s housing market buyers almost always expect granite countertops, the reason is, it’s “back to nature” appeal. Other alternatives to consider are marble, quartz, or formica alternatives.

A status symbol in the world of countertops back in the 1990s, granite is still deemed to be more prestigious than its counterparts. It continues to be the best-selling natural counter that you can find on the market, due to its countless good qualities. Such as its solid, reliable, strong, and is available in more than 300 colors, thus allowing you to find the one that perfectly blends with your kitchen flooring, cabinets, and walls.

Also due to modern cutting and fabrication techniques the countertops are available in more materials & shapes than ever before. From space-age recycled glass to good old formica, there is a perfect surface for any bathroom. Granite is available in slabs, or tile. Tile is modular & small and can be adapted to nearly any surface. For upscale homes and larger bathrooms, granite can be obtained in single slabs. It’s also very resistant to stains and when properly sealed, it won’t absorb liquids. So, make sure to seal it correctly by a good professional installer to make it impervious to damage so that it maintains its good looks for a long time.