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The kitchen sink is leaking, the floor tiles are cracked, and the wallpaper is peeling off. It’s time to renovate your home, to make it look and feel, more beautiful & more comfortable. Home renovation is important especially if you have an eye set toward selling your home down the road. As it adds value right away. In the following paras, we’ll give you some useful home renovation tips that will add value to your home.


Start with the front door, the first impression of your house. When it comes to curb appeal, it’s an automatic win. A new front door will return about 90% of its value in sales price. If you are unable to change the door completely due to budgetary reasons, and if your existing one is in a good condition then you should consider repainting it. The lighting of your room could also be affected by your doors, so when renovating on a budget, try to use different shades (according to the concentration of light in your house) when repainting your door, to optimize the lighting of your house the way you want to.