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ATL Granite Installers Offers Hundreds of Brand New Granite Selections

ATL Granite Installers & Fabricators comes back with new store location and website. The reputable contractor also offers hundreds of new granite colors.


ATLANTA, GA – November 13, 2018: ATL Granite Installers & Fabricators is one of the leading home remodeling contractors in Atlanta. It is recently announcing huge granite wholesale selection over 300 colors to choose from along with the company’s brand-new location and website.

This company is well known for its flawless kitchen remodeling projects, which is supported by the fact that it has one of the best granite qualities in the country. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, granite is still the most popular. Even though there are plenty of other stones that are suitable for kitchen like marble, quartz or Formica, granite is still the best material for kitchen countertops. This is because granite is very sturdy yet beautiful at the same time ATL Granite Installers provide more than 300 choices of granite colors to make sure their clients can find something they like for their countertops, kitchen flooring or walls.

Besides kitchen remodeling, ATL Granite Installers also do bathroom remodeling. Just like the kitchen, bathroom is also a perfect place for granite. The company can apply the beautiful stone in slabs and tile in any sizes and surfaces. The company also can do proper granite sealing to make sure that the surface will be stain resistant.

“We understand that home remodeling is a very important process for our customers. Therefore, we always strive to provide the best by providing top quality results and also premium materials. Our licensed and experienced contractors are able to offer various renovation services with the best quality,” said the representative of ATL Granite Installers. 

Customers who are interested in enlisting ATL’s service to remodel their home can contact the company to schedule a free in-home estimate. ATL Granite Installer also offers design counseling so that the result of the remodeling project will be exactly what the client wants.

About ATL Granite Installers

ATL Granite Installers is a one-stop home remodeling contractor in Atlanta. It is specialized in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, but it is known for its premium quality stones, from granite, quartz, marble to porcelain stone. ATL Granite Installers is also trusted for its excellent work on pool remodeling, fireplace stonework and many others. ATL is also a part of accredited business with Better Business Bureau, which shows that the company is licensed and trusted.


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